Next Step Solutions serves businesses in corporate headquarters facilities, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, and airports.

Individual consulting services include:

Coaching & Consulting for Performance Improvement
  • Speak in the language of business
    • Know how your company makes money
    • Identify key stakeholders
  • Create a powerful aligned partnerships at the most senior levels of the company
  • Change critical behaviors needed to achieve business results (knowledge, skills, attitudes (KSA’s)
  • Provide solid business reporting with financial accountability
  • Be seen as a strategic business partner
  • Build Business Cases for your security solutions
    • Implementing security Best Practices
    • Partnering with Stakeholders
    • Alignment to Corporate Goals
  • Deliver security services that helps the business to achieve its goals
  • Implement security Best Practices to drive business outcomes
  • Develop a Metrics Library to track the most efficient, effective, and outcome measures
  • Quantify Return on Investment (ROI) for major security investments to show business values derived from the improvement

Individual security services include:

  • Security/Investigation program assessment / audits / reviews
  • Physical Security / Facility Vulnerability Assessments / surveys
  • On-Call Security Director Services
  • Crime Analysis
  • Program/ policy / Procedures / process development and documentation
  • Proposal Review
  •  Security Risk Assessments
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Guard Force Training
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental design (CPTED) principles

Services We Do NOT Provide:

Sell, install, or service security equipment or products
Security guard, patrol or bodyguard services
Private investigations or perform background checks
Fire prevention or occupational safety consulting services
Investigation services

Clients (Facilities)

  • Military Consulting
  • Corporate Headquarters Facilities & Campus
  • Contract Security
  • High Rise Security
  • Apartment / Condominiums
  • Homeowners / Community Associations
  • Airport Security
  • Outdoor Construction Site
  • Industrial Facilities

Let Next Step Solutions help your department implement the “Security Best Practices” and become one of the leading security organizations in the world!

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